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Official discussion for 1x11 and 1x12 "Revalation Zero" Parts I and II
desibarbossa wrote in name_is_simon
Hello everyone and welcome back from the hiatus! I've kind of become a veteran of such since I've been viewing Lost from the beginning, but they're still a killer, aren't they? But let's get down to business . . . lots and lots of Simon as we head into the second half of season 1, and it's about time!

While I had my doubts about the quality of this show, especially after hearing that a showrunner has had to be replaced already, I have to say that I think it's most definitely improved since it left off last year. Or maybe I'm just happy to have had so much of Dom doing what he does tonight. Regardless, I highly enjoyed the ep.

Questions? Thoughts? Theories? Uncontrollable squeeing? Post away! 

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Definitely Uncontrollable squeeing lol
Dom was awesome and the end was great :]

Simon is hands down my favorite character. I loved how Simon-centric the semi-season premiere was!

It definitely got me super excited for the rest of the season since most of the previews came from Thursday alone.

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