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For fans of Flash Forward's Simon
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Community Rules

Being a new comm, I'd like this to be a friendly, laid back kind of place, but I do have to lay down a few ground rules. It won't hurt too much, I promise.

1. Discussion of new episodes or information on upcoming episodes MUST be behind a cut.

2. Picspam is welcome! But exceptionally large pictures should be behind an LJ cut. For now, we'll say anything larger than 400 pixels high or wide. We need to be courteous to those on dial-up connections as well as those who don't want their f-lists clogged.

3. Fanfictions should also be behind a cut and clearly labled with rating, pairings (if applicable), if it contains spoilers, and a general summary. I cannot stress including a rating enough. Especially if your story contains anything that could be considered 'squicky' by some users, such as non-con, dub-con, etc. That way people who do not wish to view such material don't end up unpleasantly surprised.

4. Please be respectful to the actors and people involved with bringing us Flash Forward. No bashing or inappropriate discussion about their private lives will be tolerated. Fanning/squeeing is welcome, but remember that respect is the key.

5. While we're on the subject of respect, please do so with your fellow users as well. I really shouldn't have to elaborate on this.

If you feel that something inappropriate has been said in an entry or comment, you can always contact me by email at leiabrandybuck at hotmail.com, or leave a comment at my journal. Comments and suggestions are always welcome as well!


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Social capital

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