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desibarbossa wrote in name_is_simon
Not a whole lot going on just yet, but I thought I'd put a few things out there. Feel free to join, and be sure to read the community rules before posting. Main thing right now is to put spoilers behind a cut. Now, some things I'd like to suggest/ask/what have you.

We need a layout! I can fool around a bit with graphics, but I have no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to making layouts. If anyone would like to volunteer, let me know. I'd love to see what you have in mind.

Ideas for weekly things we could do, like contests, etc? 

And now for an icebreaker. What brought you here? How did you hear about Flash Forward and Dom's involvement? Any things in particular you're hoping for the show? 

Post away! 

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I'm here because I am a huge fan of Dominic and I want to follow this incredible actor's career. I mean, look what he did to fans all over the place with Charlie Pace in LOST! Even for people who didn't like Charlie as much as other characters, had to admit he did an amazing bang up job for the end of his charater in LOST. Now after seeing that, knowing what a clever,talented man he is, I want more. I think he is chosing his roles very carefully and I bet that Simon is worlds away different than playing a hobbit or a junkie rock star. So I think he is going to make Flash Forward a very interesting show.

*waves* Welcome!

I agree about him choosing roles very carefully. I understand he actually read the script for Flash Forward and then had his agent contact the producers about creating a part for him. Very exciting to see him finally taking on a role that, like you said, isn't the token 'cute guy' (even though I loved Charlie to bits) or a musician.

Is it okay to promote a Simon-related community here?

I don't see why not. We could affiliate, if you want.

That'd be great! It's our_experiment, for people interested in the mysterious relationship between Simon and Lloyd.

Hey, do you want to affiliate with iamsupergay? :)

Would you like to affiliate with brycenicole? ♥

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